Acne & Skin Solutions
GTC specializes in dealing with difficult allergies, skin and hair related problems. A detailed medical history of the patient is taken and blood reports are suggested, following which appropriate diagnosis is made and individual interdisciplinary medicines are given. The success rate of GTC in solving these problems that plague patients is 95%. 

According to the reports of the patients, external and/or internal treatments are suggested. For Acne, the external treatments include pH balance of the skin, hydration of the skin, acne scar removal, collagen development in the skin with or without lasers best suited to each patient’s needs. Dietary changes are suggested and certain lifestyle changes are advised which will help improve their skin and prevent the problem from repeating again in the future. Depending upon the cause of acne, a combination of homeopathic medicines and/or vitamins is advised. If there is a hormonal disturbance in women, appropriate medicines are given based on one’s menstrual cycle. Most of these medicines are made by GTC, which are result-oriented.

Besides Acne, other skin problems like
• Eczema
• Psoriasis
• Boils
• Herpes
• Urticaria
• Fungal infections
• Dermatitis

And other such skin allergies and infections have been treated with good results at GTC, ever since our inception 35 years back.
Acne Treatment Cases