Hair Services
Hair Restoration
Hair restoration can be done for treating hair fall, hair thinning, alopecia, premature greying, extreme dryness of scalp or hair, rough and damaged hair, split ends, dandruff and other such scalp problems.

Hair loss is a common problem faced by both males and females, the cause of which is either the varying lifestyle or heredity. Various patterns of hair loss or male pattern baldness can be seen in various such cases.

Laser Hair Removal
For many people, body hair is far more than just a cosmetic problem. In some cases, facial hair or a hairy back can have a devastating impact on self–esteem. However, conventional methods of hair removal such as plucking, electrolysis or waxing are painful, time consuming and the results last for limited duration only. Shaving stresses the skin, leaves a stubble and must be repeated constantly. The only real alternative is treatment with laser or flash lamp.

Hair Restoration

At Golden Touch Clinic, patients suffering from hair fall are thoroughly evaluated in terms of their family’s medical history, clinical examination and blood investigation. Depending upon the need of each patient, a detailed diagnosis is made and individualistic means of treatment are suggested and carried out through various medical therapies.

This is the conservative line of treatment wherein the nutritional and multivitamins deficiencies (if present) are corrected. Being an interdisciplinary center, internal homeopathy medicines along with external application GTC hair care products are given. High Frequency Protocell treatment for hair root activation in also included in the conservative line of treatment. If required, keratin injections, amino acid therapies, Low Level Lasers (LLL) such as I-Grow, Densita treatments for denser and voluminous hair are suggested and administered. In some patients, stem cell therapies, placenta therapies and patients’ own PRP treatments are recommended to achieve the best results. Our wide variety of in-house hair products such as Hair Tonic, Hair Root Activators, Shampoos, etc. are recommended during your course of treatment. For viewing our entire range of hair and skin care line, please check out our Products page.

Laser for Hair Removal
Lasers specialized for efficient as well as gentle hair removal, may be used to treat larger skin areas such as the back, shoulder and legs, or to selectively remove hair from the face and underarm or bikini area.
Hair growth takes place in a cycle of development and resting phases. It has been clinically proven that hair does not regrow at all or only very thinly after laser treatment.
Frequently Asked Questions
How does laser work for hair removal?
The laser-beam enters the upper skin layer. The pigment of the hair follicle absorbs the light energy specifically. Through conversion of light into heat, the surrounding area is heated and the follicle cell suffers a heat damage that causes the death of the root of the hair and the hair follicle.
How many treatments will I need?
The light flash only damages hair that is in an early growth stage. Other hair keeps growing normally. Therefore each region needs 4 to 6 treatments. The more treatments are done, the higher is the chance to treat every hair in its damageable growth stage.
Is the laser procedure effective?
The effectiveness of the treatment depends upon the color, thickness and depth of the hair. Thus, red, blond and grey hair reacts less than black hair. The outcome of the treatment also depends upon the hormone level. To reach a high effectiveness it is important to setup a treatment plan with your doctor depending on your skin type and hair consistency.
What kind of results should I expect?
Scientific literature shows that 12 months after the end of the treatment, there are very good results with new generation lasers. It can be microscopically seen that the hair follicles and their growth has ceased. 
How will the treatment take course?
After application of a hydrous gel the hand piece of the laser is held onto the skin and moved over the parts to be treated. The laser sends a round light impulse of the size of the 8-14mm. The treatment is very comfortable thanks to the skin cooling system of the laser device.
What happens after the treatment?
After the treatment, redness of skin, a feeling of warmth or wheals can occur, which doesn’t last long in most cases. The hair loosens and drops out after 5 days to 2 weeks. The re-growing hair is mostly thinner and lighter than the natural hair.