Mind Power Homeopathic Medicines
Illness in the body is often the result of 
disharmony between the mind, body, and soul. 

More often than not, the symptoms of illness are external expressions of a negative emotional state.
Dr. Edward Bach, house surgeon and casualty medical office in London felt dissatisfied with the work of orthodox medicine. He thought that doctors were expected to focus on treating the disease at hand and to ignore the individual’s sufferings. At the age of 43, he gave up his lucrative practice and began research on his own medicines made from plants. He wrote articles and treated patients pro bono, lecturing around the world. He founded 38 natural medicines dedicated to each mental state and emotion. It helped people suffering from depression and anxiety immensely, without any side effects. His principle being that energy from different flowers can help remove one’s emotional pain and suffering.

At Golden Touch Clinic, these remedies are given along with other homeopathic medications which are safe for everyone’s use including children, pets, the elderly and pregnant women. 

Symptoms and Use
The Mind Flower medicines are recommended for many aspects of emotional and mental well-being.

The fear of both known and unknown things, fear of constantly doing something wrong, terrified that something is going to happen, with no reason to be.