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Our Signature Golden Touch Remedies
GT-1 - Obesity and Weight Loss
GT-2 - Migraines and Headaches
GT-3 - Physical and Mental Tiredness
GT-5 - Acne, Pimples, Boils, and Rosacea
GT-6 - Liver Functions, Acidity, Fatty Liver
GT-7 - Thyroid Functions
GT-8 - Bed Wetting
GT-9 - Anti-Fungal
GT-10 - Psoriasis
GT-11 - Organ Reconstitutions
GT-12 - Hair Fall, Thinning, Male Pattern Baldness
GT-14 - Right Side Cyst, Tumour, Fibroids
GT-15 - Left Side Cyst, Tumour, Fibroids
GT-16 - Anemia, Thelesmmia
GT-18 - Premature thinning/greying hair, Alopecia
GT-19 - Pre-Menopause and PMS
GT-20 - Menopausal, To Maintain Womanhood
GT-21 - Urticaria, Eczema, Dermatitis, Allergies
GT-22 - Regularize Periods in Young Girls, Puberty
GT-23 - Painful, Late Periods
GT-24 - Sleep Disturbances
GT-25 - Herpes, Rashes, Eczema, Psoriasis
GT-26 - Kidney/Urine Problems, Albuminorrhoea, Stones, and Burning
GT-27 - Cholesterol
GT-28 - Diabetes
GT-29 - Gall Bladder Stones
GT-30 - Pigmentation, Excessive Sweating
GT-31 - Cough, Cold, Sinus, Congestion, Allergies
GT-32 - Detoxifier and Purifier
GT-33 - Cholesterol + Triglycerides
GT-34 - Sweet Cravings, Hypoglycemia
GT-35 - High BP
GT-36 - Painful Periods with Heaviness In Body
GT-37 - Idiopathic Food Allergies
GT-38 - Warts and Moles
GT-39 - Anti-Smoking
GT-40 - To Increase Metabolism
GT-41 - Constipation
GT-42 - PCOD
GT-43 - Series for All Bone and Spine Problems
GT-45 - Cardiac Problems
GT-46 - Immunity Drops
GT-47 - Total Amenorrhea and Very Late Periods
GT-49 - Vertigo
GT-50 - Eye Bright: Dark circles, wrinkles, puffy eyes
GT-51 - Memory Loss - For Enhancement
GT-52 - Creatinine & Uric Acid
GT-53 - Snoring
GT-54 - Advanced Hair Regeneration and Activator
GT-55 - Chronic Acne and Pimples
GT-56 - Late Periods with Complications
GT-57 - Varicose Veins
GT-58 - Chr. Skin Problems, Allergies
GT-59 - Men's Vitality Medicines
GT-60 - Asthma
GT-61 - Height Increase
GT-62 - DHT In Case Of Hair fall
GT-63 - Muscle Tear, Pains